During the early years of their marriage, my grandparents travelled a lot as my grandfather was a scientist. And my grandma just followed him passionately. A few years ago, I was going through boxes of old pictures at their house when I stumbled across an absolute gem — my favorite photo of them EVER. This particular shot was snapped during a field trip in Eastern Europe. They were visiting a zoo and posing next to a bear who was casually perched on a wooden stool.

And that’s when it hit me: I knew so little about these two amazing humans. They had already lived a whole life that they had never really spoken about. A life full of incredible adventures, experiences, and encounters. Things I would never know to ask about had I not taken the time to look through those boxes.

Photographs are magic. They allow people to connect with one another on an intimate level, offering us a new way to know our family and loved ones. They offer a glimpse of an eternal moment, a story held in time and told forever, yours to pass on through generations. A precious heirloom.

You deserve romantic wedding photography with this same spirit. My top priority as a wedding photographer is to capture that spirit fully and completely.

Every laugh, every kiss, and every embrace will be captured in artful, timeless photos so that you’ll always be able to remember the happiness and excitement of your special day, and all the important people in your life who helped make it so incredible.

Most of all, your wedding is a celebration of the love you share with the most special person in your life. You’re beginning an incredible journey through life together, and the day will be overflowing with beautiful, powerful emotion. You deserve high-quality wedding photos that preserve those emotions for years to come.

Your wedding photos will become treasures with the special power to transport you through time back to one of the happiest days of your life. The day might feel like it’s flying by, but the photos will preserve the happy memories forever.



Your love story is completely unique, and it needs to be told in a bespoke way that truly reflects the magic of the bond that the two of you share.

A day this amazing can only be captured with romantic, high-end wedding photography that reflects the history of your life together — photos that capture the special glances and smiles that you share with nobody else in the world and preserve every enchanting moment with authenticity, honesty, and unmatched artistry.


During your wedding day, you’ll be able to forget all your worries and just focus on being present for every incredible moment. Let yourself get lost in a world of love and joy, while knowing every emotion of your special day is being beautifully captured and preserved for all time. One of the greatest luxuries of a high-end wedding photographer is that you can rely on them to capture every important moment — even the ones that you might not notice yourself! That level of trust between the two of you is essential to creating beautiful photos that you’ll want to revisit forever, and you deserve nothing less.

These photos will be more than just memories. They'll be timeless works of art with the power to transport you back to the happiest day of your life.

let's begin

Absolutely! From Senegal to Yukon, nothing can stop me from capturing your love story. You can often find me somewhere in Canada, France or Italy.
And I already have travel plans for this year, maybe will be in the same city?

I was born and raised in Quebec, Canada and I am still a proud adventure wedding photographer in Quebec, serving the Greater Montreal and Toronto area!

Non! My first language is actually French. I also took years of Latin in school...but unless I fire up my DeLorean and start booking clients in ancient Rome, it’s not the most useful language for weddings.

Are you truly, madly, deeply in love? Good, because that’s all that matters to me.

I absolutely do for weddings with over 50 guests and/or 5 hours of coverage. This way, we can maximize our time and capture all the big, small and precious in-between moments on your day!

Please feel free to add second photographer services if you are having fewer guests.

That cost is already included in your tailored proposal. So the amount you see is the amount you pay. No surprises here!

Videography is a totally different craft and to be honest, I wouldn't even know where to start with it. But if you simply can’t do without some motion pictures, I’d be very happy to provide you with a list of super-talented videographers whom I absolutely adore working with.

I can PROMISE you won't be with me! I don’t shoot with traditional poses or methods. I firmly believe it’s my job to capture you and your story with honesty, authenticity and love. And that’s impossible to accomplish if I ask you to be someone else. So you’re allowed to dance, hug, pet your dog, chat, laugh and enjoy that glass of wine...whatever makes you YOU. I’ll be there to guide you with little suggestions and advice - but trust me, the only time I’ll press the shutter button is when you’re being the true you.