Your love story is completely unique, and it needs to be told in a bespoke way that truly reflects the magic of the bond that the two of you share.

A day this amazing can only be captured with romantic, high-end wedding photography that reflects the history of your life together — photos that capture the special glances and smiles that you share with nobody else in the world and preserve every enchanting moment with authenticity, honesty, and unmatched artistry.


During your wedding day, you’ll be able to forget all your worries and just focus on being present for every incredible moment. Let yourself get lost in a world of love and joy, while knowing every emotion of your special day is being beautifully captured and preserved for all time. One of the greatest luxuries of a high-end wedding photographer is that you can rely on them to capture every important moment — even the ones that you might not notice yourself! That level of trust between the two of you is essential to creating meaningful art pieces that you’ll want to revisit forever, and you deserve nothing less.

These photos will be more than just memories. They'll be timeless works of art with the power to transport you back to the happiest day of your life.

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With a keen eye for beauty and a touch of romanticism, you’ll receive timeless imagery that embodies the essence of elegance. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and it deserves to be captured with truly next level wedding photography that reflects the depth and joy of that love.

You can expect elevated wedding photos captured with a sophisticated, modern approach that preserves each moment for posterity.

Savor your day, secure in the knowledge that its beauty will be immortalized for generations to come.


Your high-end wedding photos will preserve the memories of your special day without interrupting the enjoyment of you and your guests.

It’s so important to capture each special moment, no matter how fleeting. Your wedding photographer will be ever-present and mindful, yet unobtrusive – considerate of every detail while allowing you and your guests to fully immerse yourself in the celebration.


Seamless collaboration is essential to the way we approach wedding photography. We work in close tandem with your planner and all vendors to ensure a worry-free celebration for you and your loved ones. On your special day, your focus should be solely on each other and the cherished memories you are creating with those closest to you.

Our objective is to blend seamlessly into the background, orchestrate the details, and preserve the memories of your day in all their magic. That way, you can savor the beauty of the entire day without any interruptions.

High-End Weddings Collection

In Canada & Beyond

Unlike conventional wedding photography, your individuality shapes our approach and collections. You are the muse inspiring every decision we make. Depending on the scale of your celebration, we provide options for your entire day or weekend. Tailored perfectly to fit your mood and dreams.

Start designing your custom collection now by reaching out and initiating the conversation. 


To ensure the utmost care and best service to all of our couples, a limited number of weddings are taken per season. 

Engagement & Casual

canadian + European love Stories

It would be my pleasure to capture the beginning of your love story. Whether you’re looking for high-end engagement portraits or elegant, candid photos that capture the authentic contours of your love in its everyday beauty, you’ll receive the engagement photos of your dreams!

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"These photos are more than anything we could have wished for. We will be eternally thankful."

Carolanne & Mark

Just hit the contact button below and start telling me your story! We’ll then set up a quick (or not so quick, I love a chat!) discovery call to establish that we are in fact an amazing fit before we make it all official! After this, the process will vary according to the package you’ve gone for and how you want to realize your adventure. But please know that I’m always there for you, from beginning to end; just give me a call and I’ll offer any guidance I can!

The average delivery time is eight weeks. I usually try to deliver a little bit faster as I know how excited you are. To help you contain this excitement, I always make sure to send a couple of sneak peeks to you within 24 hours! 

Videography is a totally different craft and to be honest, I wouldn't even know where to start with it. But if you simply can’t do without some motion pictures, I’d be very happy to provide you with a list of super-talented videographers whom I absolutely adore working with.

I can PROMISE you won't be with me! I don’t shoot with traditional poses or methods. I firmly believe it’s my job to capture you and your story with honesty, authenticity and love. And that’s impossible to accomplish if I ask you to be someone else. So you’re allowed to dance, hug, pet your dog, chat, laugh and enjoy that glass of wine...whatever makes you YOU. I’ll be there to guide you with little suggestions and advice - but trust me, the only time I’ll press the shutter button is when you’re being the true you.

Zohra & lyes

"We are incredibly lucky
you were there."

Dear Raphaëlle, thank you so much for capturing our wedding day. It was a pleasure to work with you. We adore our pictures and our album.
Your talent is exceptional and we are so lucky that you've been with us.
See you soon!

Roula & Marc

"felt surrounded with care and love
every single second."

We loved Raphaëlle's work and approach on our wedding day. 
If you are into natural but artistic, taken on the fly, a real photo reportage of your wedding with a sensibility to make things look beautiful, Raphaëlle is THE ONE. 
We have beautiful pictures to keep and cherish! 
Thank you !


"You contributed to the succes of our wedding."

Raphaëlle, we wanted to thank you for your professionalism, your loyalty, your stunning work and your smile! 
You contributed greatly to the success of our marriage. 
Thanks again! 

Yolaine & Hugo

"Photos are stunning!
I cried from the first to the last one."

Discovering our wedding gallery was a delight. Our pictures are filled with Mexico sun, emotions, fun, sand and so much love. 
Thank you for such beautiful memories. 
A huge thank you also for being part of our amazing adventure.