Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars 2024

March 14, 2024
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Being named one of the Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars of 2024 has filled me with an indescribable sense of joy and gratitude. It’s a recognition that I never anticipated receiving, marking a pivotal moment in my journey as a photographer.

The moment I received the news, it felt like a wave of euphoria washing over me. It was unexpected yet profoundly rewarding, affirming the countless hours of dedication and passion I’ve poured into my craft. The road leading up to this point has been filled with twists and turns, obstacles and doubts, but through it all, I remained unwavering in my belief in the power of photography to capture the essence of life’s most meaningful moments.

”These photographers represent the next exciting generation of storytellers and bring a fresh and unique style to wedding photography. Their stories evoke emotion that resonates with the viewer. 
Chosen from many hundreds of exceptional applicants, these fine photographers stood out for their technical proficiency and ability to push boundaries with their perspectives and post-processing skills. ” – Rangefinder Magazine

The series of wedding photographs I submitted as part of the application process holds a special place in my heart. Each image captures a unique moment of love, joy, and connection – a testament to the beauty found in the simplest of moments. From the tender embrace of a newlywed couple to the laughter shared among friends and family, these photographs speak volumes about the human experience.

Selecting and submitting these photographs was a nerve-wracking experience, to say the least. Would they resonate with the judges? Would they capture the essence of what I wanted to convey? The moment I received the news of being chosen as one of the Rising Stars, those doubts were replaced with a sense of validation and pride.

But this recognition is not just about looking back at past achievements; it’s also about embracing the journey ahead. Being named one of the Rising Stars of 2024 is a reminder of the endless possibilities that lie ahead, the chance to continue growing, learning, and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

As I reflect on this moment, I am reminded of the countless hours spent honing my craft, the late nights spent pouring over edits, and the moments of doubt that were overcome with sheer determination. It’s a journey that has been both challenging and rewarding and one that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

So as I embark on this next chapter of my journey, I do so with a heart full of gratitude and excitement. To everyone who has been a part of this journey – whether through their support, guidance or simply by believing in me – I extend a heartfelt thank you. Your encouragement has been the fuel that has propelled me forward, and I am forever grateful.

And now, as I share with you the series of wedding photographs that captured the hearts of the judges and earned me a place among the 30 Rising Stars of 2024, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the beauty of love, life, and the human spirit.

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